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Nice White Parents

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Resources from Lifted Up By Letting Go:

Is Alzheimer’s Diabetes of the Brain?

UVA Brain Discovery Could Block Aging’s Terrible Toll on the Mind

How Biogen Salvaged Alzheimer’s Drug After a Costly Failure


A recent perspective on WBUR’s Cognoscenti about the southern border, by Boston-based author and teacher Jennifer DeLeon

Migrant Stories from McAllen, Texas


A timely article posted on HuffPost on July 19, 2019, about a new law in NH authorizing free feminine hygiene products in public schools. No girl should have to miss school because she doesn’t have access to feminine hygiene products!!!!


In the Shadow of a Blood Moon


Check out @girlsforgirls.bracelets on Instagram and on the web – a wonderful example of doing well by doing good!


Solutions to migration from Central America start with creating opportunities – a reason, a means, hope – to stay. Here is one solution. Another is education. Real, robust educational opportunities for all. #maiaimpact #braveoverperfect


Nick Kristof has made his way to Guatemala! The focus of this piece is on climate change driving migration…do you know what Project Drawdown says is the top solution to climate change? Combined, it’s girl’s education and family planning. MAIA.


The folks at Sailors Sweet Life are primed to help you live your sweetest life! They offer life coaching and curated survival kits for all of life’s bumpy roads!!! Check them out @


Mother, writer, ultramarathoner, brain stem tumor survivor, and friend Susie Caldwell Rinehart’s memoir, Fierce Joy, was just released May 15, 2019! Hers is a courageous story of living bravely and facing into the storm, taking what life hands to you and transforming yourself against all odds.

And her TEDx talk!


There is a new article about Madagascar’s vanilla crisis, from the Economist’s May 2019 edition:


Another timely bit of news and another perspective on small town living.


How timely that Madagascar is profiled as the country of the week in the NY Times February 25. After reading my blog post, Vanilla, Powerfully Plain, I hope everyone at least gets question number 2 correct!