“Put your own oxygen mask on first”.  These are the remarkably insightful words of the airline industry.  Flight attendants say them during the pre-flight safety demonstration, and most of us tune them out, busy fiddling with our ear buds, getting the kids situated, or sending that last email.

Life gets complicated fast.  I am a sandwich generationer with young kids and a parent who also needs care.  I also have a chronic medical condition that, it turns out, is triggered by stress so that I live in constant pain just when others need me most.  The short story – I had so much going on that I wasn’t taking care of myself.  And that’s when things got really ugly.  And – eventually – I learned that I am a better caregiver, and a better, healthier, happier person, when I put my own oxygen mask on first.

This blog was inspired by a trip I took to Guatemala, a moment when I took a chance and did something different that mattered to me but required me to break the mold, dig deep, and be courageous.  That experience re-awakened my soul and connected me to other people in unexpected and wonderful ways.  This blog is about telling stories of hope and inspiring connection between people, places, and ideas.  It’s about authentic, genuine, brave living.  It’s about finding hope and courage in places and situations where it might be harder to find and changing the narrative.  Read on and thanks for stopping by!