* Happy Healthy Kids

This is an incomplete but solid list of creative ideas for keeping kiddos busy at home. It stems from my Quarantine Resources for kids, which I threw together when the pandemic first started as a personal flotation device that I then shared here knowing we were all in the same storm if not the same boat and were all feeling, ummmm, uncertain? Out of control? Upside down?

Now kids are, for the most part, mercifully back in school and learning in front of real human beings and around their peers. Woot woot! But there are plenty of rainy days and snow days and just quiet days where having some activities at your fingertips can be helpful. I am still old school and much prefer traditional, non-screen based boredom busting activities like reading books, putting together a puzzle, and playing honest to goodness games without controllers. BUT, if you’ve played Battleship, Sorry, or Mastermind one too many times, the world wide web can provide good resources for a pivot. See the list below to get you started.

I started the Quarantine Resources page with the suggestion to take a long, deep breath. And then one more. That is good advice all the time, as is creating a predictable routine for kids. So take that deep breath, way deep into your belly, have your morning cuppa, get yourself organized, and be well!


How To Cook Recipes (lots of options, broken down into easy steps!)

Cooking with Kids


70+ Websites for Teaching Math (updated March 22, 2021!)

Math Worksheets

Touch Typing/Computing/Code:

Dance Mat Typing

Hour of Code

Code Academy

Music and Movement:


Go Noodle Music and Movement


Big History Project


San Diego Zoo Kids: Games, Animals, Stories, Fun Facts

Nature’s Notebook

Science Projects for Kids

Chemistry Concepts

Kiwi Co Maker Crates


Oliver Jeffers Stuff

Origamido origami studio


Duolingo Language Learning

Language Lessons Online from Guatemala!

Literati – Kids Monthly Book Club Subscription


Amazing Educational Resources

Scholastic Learn at Home Resources

National Geographic Funny Fill-Ins (Like Mad Libs!)

Podcasts for Teens and Tweens

Build Your Own Board Game

Coloring Pages (for Kids and Adults)

Collection of Digital Games For All Ages

The Great Courses

Get OUTSIDE! – a walk, a drive-in movie (they still exist!), a visit to the zoo!

PLAN A TRIP – even if it’s just a dream! Part of the fun of travel is dreaming about and learning about places you want to go. Lonely Planet has always been my go-to resource for trip planning. Uncornered Market specializes in adventure travel with an eye to local culture and caring about the planet.

USE OUR PUBLIC LIBRARIES – don’t forget all the incredible resources (journals, newspapers, movies, and, of course, books!) available, FREE, at our public libraries.

VOLUNTEER – so many people need our help, and so much can be done remotely! Bake a lasagna for someone in your community who needs it with Lasagna Love; sort donated clothes for kids in need with Cradles to Crayons; collect canned goods and other items requested by your local food bank.

It’s also always a great idea to think about the elderly and make sure they know they aren’t forgotten, be they a neighbor who might need a helping hand raking leaves or shoveling snow or those who might live in assisted living and would appreciate some beautiful kids’ artwork or a hand-written note just to say hi. Their caregivers also sometimes go unnoticed in the busy rush of life, but they are both critical assets to our communities and our world.

And, of course, there is always LEGO:

Lego 30 day challenge