Views from All Over

Well, it finally happened, folks. I hit a wall. It’s not that I am uninspired. I am just tired. So today will be short and sweet. I am diving into living in the moment at home, making sure I am paying enough attention to my kids in a less distracted way, and tending to my mom’s health situation and needs, which are acute at the moment.

Right now my kids and I are sitting on the porch in winter coats and blankets, basking in the sun’s warm rays like cats. We are listening to what’s around us, observing. Yesterday we set up a post at our dining room table to return to each week. We fling the wooden blinds wide and watch how our little world changes outside that one focused spot each week. It’s actually kind of miraculous, and I have never taken the time to watch spring unfold slowly before. If this were a recipe I’d say it’s one part making-the-best-of-things, a dash of keeping-my-kids-occupied-any-way-I-can, and a smidge of look-what-happens- when-you-slow-down-a-little.

This video, called When the World Stopped, takes us on a tour of the quiet that has enfolded on a global scale during this isolation period. Like my daily quest, it is both beauty and tragedy wrapped into one.

Stay well, stay home.

You will be alright.

Mary Oliver quote

One thought on “Views from All Over

  • Good thoughts again, Meg. One of the great problems with the modern world is that people often don’t believe you can just stop and you don’t have to think or do anything for a moment or longer. Let your thoughts go? Do you have to be always doing, planning or thinking things? I must admit I become annoyed and distracted watching people walk down the street on my one hour allowed outside; a sunny day with some trees; a dog dashing in front; maybe near a river you can look at (in my case the Seine) and yet I often see people glued to and chattering constantly on their cell phone. Feel like saying–hey, how’s the sky? How’s the river look? How are you doing? Hello? Maybe be in the present? Put the cell phone away!! Relax and drift for a time where you are!
    Be safe all
    Jim Ounsworth


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